When we set up Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited, we were clear that we wanted to build a #technology and #riskanaltyics platform that would make it easy for corporates, banks, insurance companies, fintechs to assess #B2B #CreditRisk#SupplierRisk and #ComplianceRisk of their counterparties (customers, dealers, distributors, franchisees, vendors, suppliers, borrowers, policy-holders etc.). The Rubix Automated Risk Management & Monitoring System (ARMS) platform was built keeping this in mind and received a great response from our customers.

Earlier this year, on the strength of the Rubix ARMS platform, we received the Certificate of Recognition at the IMC Digital Technology Awards in the category: Most Promising Start-Up IT Company in Enabling Digital Transformation.

“Today, I’m delighted to announce that we have recently received the #Trademark Certification for the Rubix ARMS platform.”

Powered by its incredibly talented team of analysts, analytics & technology professionals and project managers, and guided by customer feedback from its sales team, Rubix will continue to build #intellectualproperty assets in the area of B2B #riskmanagement#Fraud and #Identity Solutions and adjacent domains. We want to serve the #CFO#FinancialController#compliancemanagement#purchasemanagement and #supplychainmanagement by creating best-in-class, powerful and intuitive tools that integrate with easily your workflows.

All of us at Rubix are very excited about the journey ahead!

Source:  RUBIX Data Services

BIIA congratulates its member Rubix for this well-earned recognition.