Russia Regulatory NewsThe Russian Unified Federal Register for legal entities has issued new data filing requirements

As of October 1, 2016 Russian companies are obliged to file additional information about their business activities in the Unified Federal Register of legally relevant data on activities according to Federal Law of July 3rd, 2016 No.60-FL «On amendments to legislative acts of the Russian Federation». This applies to legal entities, single proprietors (entrepreneurs) and other subjects of economic activities.

The following information should be added:

  • Membership in the self-regulated organization;
  • Beginning of leasing and factoring agreements;
  • Issuing of independent guarantees;
  • Withdrawal or/and sell-off of property used in the production cycle;
  • Indication of insufficiency of assets by a company or a single entrepreneur, according to the bankruptcy legislation;
  • Results of compulsory audit;
  • Financial and accounting statements (in addition to the filing to the Federal Tax Service and the State Statistics Service).

According to the paragraph 7 article 7.1 of the Federal Law of 08.08.2001 №129-FL (edit. of 03.07.2016) «On state registration of legal entities and single entrepreneurs» (with amendments and additions came into effect 01.09.2016), the following information has to be also filed in the mentioned Register:

  1. Data filed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) maintained by the Federal Tax Service – within 5 working days since these data has been filed in the EGRUL:
  • Incorporation (including reorganization);
  • Legal entity being in the process of reorganization or liquidation;
  • Upcoming and accomplished delisting of a legal entity from the EGRUL and its liquidation;
  • Decrease or increase of the authorized capital;
  • Appointment or termination of powers of chief executive officer;
  • change of address or location of a legal entity;
  1. Data filed by the legal entities and single entrepreneurs themselves – within 3 working days since the event occurs:
  • Net assets of joint-stock company or limited liabilities company on the last reporting date;
  • Issue, suspension, revival of the license for the certain activity type, its reissuance, annulment or termination on other grounds;
  • Decision on the initiation of supervision made by the arbitration court;
  • Movable property of a legal entity is pledged (is given as a security to borrow money);

The Unified Federal Register of legally relevant data on activities of legal entities and single entrepreneurs is a state information source. The data contained in the Register are open and generally available (excluding the confidential data according to the legislation) and publicly open on-line.

Legal entities, single proprietors (entrepreneurs) and other subjects of economic activities are responsible for authenticity and accuracy.  The Register charges a filing fee for registrations and amendments.Credinform 300 we-find-solution

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