FICO (NYSE:FICO), and the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI), Russia’s leading credit bureau, today released data showing that Russians are managing their credit better than at any time in the last three years. The January 2012 FICO® Credit Health Index for Russia shows the highest mark since the index was established in October 2008, revealing a sharp and sustained decrease in credit risk since 2009.

The FICO Credit Health Index measures the overall credit health of the country, based on the percentage of consumer loans and credit cards reported to NBKI that are delinquent by more than 60 days. Since October 2009, when this “bad rate” was 11.28 percent, the index has been steadily improving, and in January 2012 just 7.05 percent of Russian credit accounts were delinquent — a reduction of 37.5 percent.

Source: FICO Banking Analytics Blog