The scope of information on state registrations of legal entities and sole entrepreneurs in Russia has been Expanded

The scope and structure of information related to the registration of Russian legal entities, farm enterprises, sole entrepreneurs submitted to the Federal Tax Service (Registration Body in Russia) and published on its website as well as the order of publication were approved by the decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as of 05.12.2013 No.115.

Today the following data fields are filed in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL Register) maintained by the Federal Tax Service and available in the Register extracts:

– company name;
– registered address;
– registration data;
– registration body;
– legal status;
– registration as a tax payer;
– registration as an insuring party in the Pension and Social Insurance Funds of the Russian Federation;
– person entitled to act in the name of a legal entity without a power of attorney;
– administrator of the register of shareholders;
– key and secondary activities;
– licenses;
– branches and representative offices;


In the framework of law improvements related to state registration of legal entities and sole entrepreneurs, the list was significantly widened in concordance with the decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as of 25.08.2017 №135n.

The following data fields were added to the registration information of Russian companies:

  • email address;
  • information on company location change;
  • information on the declaring of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • information on corporate agreements setting the limits and requirements of the disposition of shares

It is expected that the additional data elements will be available for public access in Register extracts over time.

Users of the Information and Analytical system Globas® maintained by Credinform Russia can retrieve the data contained in the Unified State Register by ordering the EGRUL extracts (Russian/English languages).

Source: Credinform Russia