Dun & Bradstreet Sales & Marketing Solutions received the highest overall ranking in the recent Outsell product ranking report on “Sales and Marketing Intelligence Services”.  Outsell used D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions as an “umbrella” term which includes three of the company’s flagship products: Hoover’s, D&B360, and D&B Direct.

Outsell reviewed five products in the Sales and Marketing Intelligence Services category, including Dun & Bradstreet (D&B): D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions, NetProspex: NetProspex, OneSource: iSell,  Salesforce: Salesforce Data.com, and Zoom Information: ZoomInfo

Outsell evaluated, scored and rated each product in three areas for a total of 100 points:

  1. Product Quality and Performance (65 points):  For this set of offerings, Outsell defines product quality as one that is broad in contact and company data, with multifaceted search capabilities and the ability to refine and segment existing searches.  Outsell evaluated data-cleansing capabilities where applicable, and looked for ancillary company information as well as mobile options, analytics, and exporting capabilities. Outsell also evaluated how well the product achieves its mission and its suitability for its target market
  2. Sales (20 points):  For the sales-facing function, Outsell examines the website for comprehensiveness and clarity, assesses pricing transparency, and randomly calls 1-800 numbers and speaks to sales staff.  A combination of in-house staff and qualified mystery shoppers makes these 1-800 calls to eliminate vendor bias. In this area, Outsell evaluated sales staff responsiveness, professionalism, and product knowledge, as well as pricing transparency and quality and clarity of the product website.
  3. Service (15 points):  In assessing service, Outsell performed an on-the-record interview with the vendor to determine training, product implementation assistance, and support.   Outsell also made random calls to customer support to ask for product assistance.  In addition, we are looking for free training options and for overall comprehensiveness of product support.

Outsell rated each of these areas on a scale of 100 with 60 being poor and 100 outstanding,

D&B’s overall score was 96; Salesforce.com achieved 93; OneSource iSell scored 91; Zoom Information scored 89 and Netprospects scored 80.

To find out more about the study click on this link Outsell’s Product Rankings

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