New Einstein Vision brings advanced image recognition to the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the world’s #1 CRM company and Intelligent Customer Success Platform, announced Einstein AI is available to all of its customers across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. Part of Spring ‘17, Salesforce’s 52nd major product release in 18 years, Einstein is already being leveraged by customers to deliver smarter, more impactful customer experiences, and by developers to bring AI into the next generation of customer relationship management (CRM) apps.

Salesforce also announced Einstein Vision, a set of powerful new APIs that allow developers of all skill levels to bring image recognition to CRM and build AI-powered apps fast. The result of computer vision breakthroughs from Salesforce Research, Einstein Vision allows companies to unlock powerful insights within photos—from detecting inventory levels and product quality to identifying consumer trends and customer preferences. Now, any developer can leverage pre-trained image classifiers, or train their own custom classifiers, to handle a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases.

Source: Salesforce Press Release