Outell logoBIIA co-founder member Outsell Inc. felt the pulse of nearly 2000 knowledge workers in a recent end-user study.  Here are some interesting findings:

  •  Companies are keen on integrating external content:  A large majority of knowledge workers say their organization has either fully (41%) or partially (35%) embedded externally published information into their CRM system. Of the remaining 14% of companies, half plan to integrate external content but haven’t done so yet.
  •  And embedded external content is regarded as highly important:  Nearly 80% of sales professionals indicated that it is extremely important (34%) or very important (44%) for externally published  information to be integrated and embedded into their company’s CRM  system. Only 7% of sales professions consider this integration not very  important or not at all important.
  • But many sales professionals aren’t satisfied with the integration so far:  While 17% of knowledge workers are extremely satisfied with the integration of externally published information into their company’s CRM system, this figure drops to just 5% for sales professionals. In fact, a large majority of salespeople — 61% — are somewhat satisfied or not  very satisfied with their company’s integration of external content into  the CRM system thus far.
  • Several factors stand in the way of higher satisfaction:  Salespeople identify four key gripes and potential areas of improvement  for integration of external information into business applications like  CRM systems — accuracy of content (34%), lack of training on how to  leverage the information (32%), difficulty manipulating the data to meet  their needs (32%), and insufficient search features and options (29%).

Outsell’s dialogue with clients and the marketplace uncovered a discrepancy in leaders’ opinions regarding the importance of content integration into enterprise applications and workflow. And this variation in opinion is especially prevalent when it comes to sales professionals’ desire for and current satisfaction with embedded content  into their CRM systems like Salesforce, Sage [1], SAP,  or homegrown applications.  But findings from Outsell’s research put  this squabble to bed, revealing a compelling argument in favor of  integrating external information into enterprise applications — CRM  systems in particular.

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Source:  Outsell Insight product #1140