HG DATA New LogoHelping B2B Marketing and Sales Teams Improve Demand Gen Targeting and Increase Conversion Rates – Predictive scoring now more refined with data about installed technologies

SalesPredict, one of the leaders in Customer Lifecycle Intelligence solutions, and HG Data, one of the global leaders in competitive intelligence on installed technologies, announced today a new data partnership. Under the agreement, SalesPredict’s predictive scoring algorithm will now leverage HG Data’s install datasets so SalesPredict customers can target inbound and outbound marketing efforts more effectively and gain deeper insight into the micro-segments where they are most successful selling.

Using predictive analytics + a company’s internal CRM and marketing automation system data + the open web and outside data sources, SalesPredict provides predictive scores and insights to help B2B companies effectively target their marketing efforts, deliver more qualified leads, increase conversions, accelerate sales cycles, and retain more customers.

HG Data currently tracks more than 1,700 technology vendors and more than 5,000 technology products in its proprietary datasets, including SaaS, cloud, security, networking, storage, open source, applications, mobile, big data, CRM, virtualization, visualization and analytics. Dozens of new technologies are added monthly.

About SalesPredict 
Who is most likely to buy, who will buy more and who will churn?  SalesPredict can tell you. Founded in early 2012, SalesPredict helps companies increase revenues by identifying who their best potential prospects really are and providing information and purchase signal insights that accelerate sales cycles and improve conversion rates. How? Predictive analytics. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with engineering located in the technology hub around Tel Aviv. Learn more about SalesPredict atwww.salespredict.com and follow @SalesPredict on Twitter.

Source: HG Data Press Release