SCHUFA GERMANY AND GB Group, a provider of identity management solutions in the UK have announced a strategic partnership to offer GB clients identity verification capability for the German market.  The SCHUFA service which has been imbedded into GB’s international e-IDV service, ID3 Check, offers access to 65 million German citizens and will offer clients a robust means of verifying German nationals’ identity than has been hitherto possible.  This new level of ID verification will be of particular relevance to businesses that wish to trade online or that with to offer age-restricted products to German Citizens.

GB Group has three complementary identity management offerings: Identity Verification – combating ID fraud, money laundering and under-age gambling.  Identity Capture and Maintenance – providing accurate and up-to-date customer information for your contact strategy.  Identity Analysis – understanding, targeting and retaining profitable customers.  Source: Realwire

BIIA Newsletter June 2009 Issue