Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis web API that helps content applications derive maximum value from content. With its Amazon EC2 Cloud scalability and full REST compliance, Semantria API is easy to integrate with and use.

Pay-as-you-go is the way to go. No more contracts, recurring fees, support & maintenance agreements or sales calls. You purchase a package of API calls and use them until you run out. Then you purchase another package.

Lexalytics Salience 5 text analytics engine is the secret sauce behind Semantria API, enabling cutting edge sentiment analysis, entity extraction, theme extraction, categorization, summarization, multi-lingual support and much more through the API.

Founded in 2011, Semantria, LLC is a software-as-a-service and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis in the cloud. Semantria is a joint venture, co-founded by a leading text analytics technology provider Lexalytics (Boston, MA), software development company Postindustria (Los Angeles, CA), and a demand generation consultancy DemandGen (Montreal, QC).

Source: Semantria Website