Sesame Launches Exclusive Integration with Mortgage Brain and GBGroup to Assist Advisers with Identity Verification Checks

Sesame Network has launched an exclusive new integration with Mortgage Brain’s CRM system The Key, and GBGroup, the experts in digital identity, which enables advisers to undertake seamless electronic identity and verification (EIDV) checks.

The brand-new integration is designed to improve the advice process and save Sesame Network members time by helping them to run identity checks, store information, and receive guidance all within The Key.

The integrated solution auto-populates important customer information, which removes duplication and reduces the likelihood of human error by only requiring data to be keyed once. Furthermore, the automatic return of results information to The Key avoids the need for advisers to manually save and add documents further down the line.

Over 18,000 checks have now been completed via the new Key integration following its launch to Sesame members in May, and it already accounts for over 70% of all identity checks completed in the Network.

Source:  GB Group Press Release