Saudi Credit Bureau  (SIMAH) , the leading credit bureau in MENA region, becomes the Supporting Partner  for the 2nd   Annual Corporate Restructuring Summit (CRS 2019) , which takes place on September  11 – 12  2019 at the Address Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE.

Addressing the theme of “Emergence of New Alliances: Managing Debt & Non-Performing Loans”, the summit’s vision is to facilitate an enabling environment to address the key challenges associated with financial restructuring of corporate debts, effective management of non-performing assets and enabling capital adequacy and profitability through exploring mergers & acquisitions.

” SIMAH is glad to be the supporting partner of CRS 2019 for the first time.   SIMAH becomes an  essential element of the financial infrastructure that facilitates access to finance.  Financial sector development unleashes the productive power of enterprises and facilitates inclusion of the informal sector in the formal economy” SIMAH’s CEO Swaied Alzahrani points out.

Key Features at CRS 2019 include : Keynote Addresses on bolstering economic growth in the MENA by fostering a conducive environment for doing business & transaction forecasts for MENA 2021; Exclusive CEO’s Panel analyzing some of MENA’s biggest workouts; Regulators Panel on driving economic growth via FDIs, M&As and minimizing bad debt portfolios; Key Panels focused on mergers, acquisitions and divestiture, distressed investing and NPL servicing platforms, managing NPL portfolios and  driving down regional average & more.

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Founded in 2002 and started operation in 2004, Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) is the first credit bureau in Saudi Arabia supervised , regulated and licensed by Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) to provide both consumer and commercial world class products and services. Innovativity of SIMAH stems from its robust ability to meet stakeholders’ needs in both government and private sectors.

 CRS 2019

The Corporate Restructuring Summit is an initiative of Middle East Global Advisors, the first of its kind that aims to explore innovative approaches to corporate debt restructuring and NPL management in context of the complex market dynamics in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. The summit will gather banks, corporates, legal-advisory firms and debt restructuring specialists from across the MENA onto one platform by spearheading actionable debate, impactful change and high-level outcomes.

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