Sinotrust, a member of BIIA, continues to make substantial progress in building its vertical information segment by working effectively with important institutions and industry leaders.

The “Beijing Auto Information Sodality—2012 First Seminar on Policies and Market” was held at Sinotrust.   Hui Yumei, Director of Sinotrust Automotive Marketing Research Services, pointed out that in 2012 Q1, the Chinese automotive market registered a negative growth; the market shares of domestic brands kept shrinking; and sedans showed a trend of greater size. As the short-term policy influence comes to an end, the 2012 automotive market will begin to get back to its own growth track. Meanwhile, the fast development of tier two and three markets and the comeback of Japanese cars will jointly exert a positive influence on the development of the automotive market in China in 2012. However, such setbacks as decreased macroeconomic GDP growth rate, soaring oil prices, aggravating traffic congestions in cities, etc. will also have negative impacts on the development of the automotive market.

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Sinotrust company news_Sinotrust Held 2012 First Seminar of Beijing Auto Information Sodality