Beijing, October 13, 2010—-Pioneering in the automotive marketing research in 1997, Sinotrust has become the largest automotive customer satisfaction research institute in China. In the latest monthly Automotive Policy and Market Seminar, which was initiated by China Passenger Car Association and hosted by Sinotrust and other  related institutes, the experts from Sinotrust pointed out that customer satisfaction research has become an important tool for automakers to manage their dealership networks.

The current customer satisfaction research has the following features. First, the research requires a high timeliness. Therefore, the research frequency has been raised from previous “once every 6-12 months” to current “once every month or even every week”. Second, the research methods are diversified. Apart from the previous CATI method, other methods such as qualitative in-depth interview and FGI are also added in to probe into customers’ complaints, requirements and expectations.   Source:  Sinotrust

BIIA Newsletter November II – 2010 Issue