At the “Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration Working Conference 2012”, Sinotrust presented the research results of the “Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration Satisfaction Assessment 2011”.

Sinotrust carried out research oriented to the society and targets on such service channels as the Government Affairs Center of Maritime Department, hot line service, organ and office service, on-site service, Internet service, in addition to the intercept interviews and telephone interviews on the satisfaction with relative government affairs of the “Government Affairs Center of Maritime Department”, “organs and offices” as well as “relevant external organizations”.  For the 80 day research project Sinotrust developed a satisfaction index with five levels and 161 sub-item assessment indexes; the “overall satisfaction” of first-level index is composed of the satisfaction of 12 second-level indexes and five service channels.

Sinotrust is a pioneer in the marketing research in China, one of the largest marketing research suppliers in China.

To read the full report click on the link:  High Appraisal for _The Social Satisfaction Assessment Project of Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration_