slockit_text_logoPreempting Disintermediation is already collaborating with both startups and established companies. We help energy producers address decentralization or risk being disintermediated. We also work with forward-thinking automotive manufacturers that understand the importance of exploring the service industry, including operating autonomous fleets of self-driving taxis.

Our technology connects the blockchain to the physical world, effectively giving connected objects an identity, the ability to receive payments and the capability to enter complex agreements.

Reducing Operating Costs’s ‘Economy of Things’ technology enables machines to operate autonomously, helping companies transition from a product to a service-led growth. aims to address security, identity, coordination and privacy over billions of devices. As part of the collaborative economy, it allows for any object to be rented, sold or shared securely – without middlemen. And in the field of machine to machine communications, it allows for direct, cost-effective payments between objects, as well as doing away with costly centralized servers outlay. Ultimately, this provides a better experience for your customers as all transactions take place instantly and without bureaucratic contract.’s technology also reduces its clients’ operating costs thanks to simplified billing while enabling fraud proof accounting. We help replace corporate data silos and fragile data workflows with secure coordination around a shared, immutable blockchain state. is headquartered in Mittweida, Germany and works with clients globally.  Formed 2015