SME access to Finance IFC SMEFFThe SME Finance Forum (SMEFF) is a part of the G20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. SMEFF is a platform for sharing knowledge in small and medium enterprise finance, for promoting best practices, and for collecting data to help set standards in this field. SMEFF has been created because improving financing for SMEs is critical for creating and sustaining jobs around the world.

Hosted at IFC, and supported (so far) by the governments of the UK, Korea, and the Netherlands, SMEFF’s activities are likely to include:

  • Data collection and benchmarking
  • Case studies
  • Other research reports into the state of SME Finance
  • Policy/regulatory advocacy
  • Workshops/conferences/seminars
  • Discussion Groups
  • Innovation support (currently administering the G20 SME Innovation Challenge, supporting 13 promising new initiatives world-wide)
  • Other knowledge and expertise brokering

SMEFF has only just opened for business, centered about our web platform which can be reached at

GamserI encourage you to visit the website, sign up to join discussion groups (and our new LinkedIn group), and let us know if you have any reports or other valuable knowledge products that we can link others to through our platform. Most important, please take the time to let us know how to make the website more useful!

Contact: Matthew Gamser

Source:  SMEFF