EU SME Access to FinanceIn order to facilitate SME access to finance, it will be important to increase SMEs’ visibility to potential investors and ensure that investors have greater access to SME credit information so they can better assess their creditworthiness. This would help significantly improve the efficiency (and, if achieved across borders, the integration) of SME funding markets, increase competition and help diversify the funding avenues available to firms by enabling alternative finance providers to make informed decisions.

A good starting point is a thorough diagnosis of the current situation on the credit information disclosure across Member States (MS) in the EU, i.e. undertaking a mapping exercise on the data availability. This was also announced in the Commission’s Communication on Long Term Financing (March 2014) to undertake a mapping exercise of the availability of credit information on SMEs across Europe.

To download the document click on this link:  Mapping_publication 06 february 2015 docx (4)

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