Number of inquiries about how to use South Korea’s first FSDC (Financial Security Data Center) operated by KT-XENO Solution is rising rapidly.

FSDC is a service that is optimized for South Korean Government’s plan to expand Cloud services within financial field. As Cloud computing is now able to be used for personal credit information or one’s identifiable information, large financial companies to electronic financial companies are utilizing Cloud for their MyData industry.

South Korean Government is allowing companies to process personal credit information and personal identifiable information such as social security number, passport number, driver license number, and others through Cloud computing since January.

FSDC is currently South Korea’s only Cloud-based financial security infrastructure that obeys every electronic financial supervision regulation set by South Korean Government. It combines servers, storages, and network into servers and it provides a perfectly separate environment to each company. It also has many equipment POC systems by utilizing KT’s technical skills in telecommunication.

It uses IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that obtained international common criteria (CC) and firewall (F/W) for safe financial services and operates 24-hours security control service to respond to infringement. Due to its low cost and high efficiency, many commercial banks, electronic financial businesses, and others are inquiring about how to use FSDC.

Source: ET NEWS