S&P Capital IQ, a leading provider of multi-asset class data, valuations, research and analytics, has announced that it has broadened its coverage of derivatives and other complex financial instruments.  These valuations are available via a feed or a secure web-based solution that enhances a client’s valuation process, from trade upload, mapping, and through to reporting and challenges.

Buoyed by the acquisition of CMA, a leading source of independent data in the over-the-counter credit derivatives markets, S&P Capital IQ has recently expanded its derivatives pricing capabilities, including a significant increase of its coverage of credit default swaps and interest rate swaps. Among other benefits, the acquisition enables S&P Capital IQ to extract expanded company statistics from the CMA data base, resulting in more information on credit default swap (CDS) curves and other market data points from the derivatives market. This broader coverage comes at a time when derivatives dealers are increasingly using the overnight indexed swap (OIS) curve, instead of the more traditional London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), to discount derivatives cash flows.

Source:  S&P Capital IQ