• Revenue Increased 6%
  • Diluted EPS Increased 23% to $2.24
  • Adjusted Diluted EPS Increased 12% to $2.43
  • Operating Profit Margin Improved 590 Basis Points to 47.7%
  • Adjusted Operating Profit Margin Improved 220 Basis Points to 51.3%
  • Advanced Several New Benchmark Initiatives

S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) reported second quarter 2019 results with revenue of $1,704 million, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year.  Net income increased 21% to $555 million and diluted earnings per share increased 23% to $2.24 primarily due to revenue growth, continued progress toward productivity initiative targets, and because the second quarter of 2018 included an increase in legal reserves.  Adjusted net income increased 9% to $601 million and adjusted diluted earnings per share increased 12% to $2.43 due to revenue growth and continued progress toward productivity initiative targets. The adjustments in the second quarter of 2019 were associated with restructurings primarily in Ratings and in corporate functions, a lease impairment associated with exiting office space, deal-related amortization, and Kensho retention-related expenses.

“We are particularly pleased with our second quarter results as all four divisions delivered revenue growth and margin improvement,” said Douglas L. Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer of S&P Global.  “Our new product initiatives advanced as our Ratings business recently published its first ratings in the domestic Chinese bond market and its first Ratings ESG Evaluations. S&P Dow Jones Indices launched ESG versions of 22 well-known regional benchmarks and two of its headline indices, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, were part of a very successful Micro E-mini futures launch.  This is an exciting time for the Company with so many growth opportunities.”

Profit Margin:  The Company’s operating profit margin increased 590 basis points to 47.7% with gains in all four divisions and because the second quarter of 2018 included an increase in legal reserves. The adjusted operating profit margin increased 220 basis points to 51.3%.

Return of Capital:  During the second quarter, the Company returned $140 million to shareholders through dividends.  While the $500 million ASR that was initiated in early February was still ongoing, there were no open-market share repurchases during the quarter.  This ASR was completed in late July.  Beginning later

Source: S&P Earnings Release

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