ASEDI, Multi-sectorial Information Association (Spain) has published a report in November 2013 on the size of the Spanish Information Industry.

  • Market Size Euro 899,255,727
  • Employment 9,971
  • Combined Share Capital Euro 90,035,212
  • Total Companies Covered: 4,444

The report has been categorized into five groups:

  • Directory services:  Companies dedicated to the creation of directories and mailing addresses, location and advertising for businesses and individuals based on directories and files of telephone subscribers, representing a total of 10 companies.
  • Economic and Financial: Companies dedicated in commercial risk information, marketing . Creditworthiness and solvency, credit bureaus , etc. Representing a total of 59 companies .
  • Market Research: Activities related to conducting public opinion polling and market research and studies, representing a total of 349 companies.
  • Geographic Information: geographic and cadastral information, both graphical and alphanumeric information including planning, representing a total of 6 companies .
  • Other: With a total of 20 companies in this group including companies dedicated activities as diverse as:
    • Weather information: information on weather forecasting and climate
    • Transport, traffic information, road conditions , fuel information
    • Tourist and cultural , hospitality, tours and accommodation
    • Legal legislation information, rulings and judicial activitySpain Info Services Market Size Nov 2013

The problems with Information Asymmetry:  The authors indicated that there were significant barriers in compiling the data and the use of experts was necessary to standardize the data and make it comparable:

  • The CNAE classification (industry) is not always applied consistently and rigorously
  • Some companies in the sector have social objectives that have nothing to do with their activities
  • Lack of information (BIIA editorial comment: This is not new.  The information industry was never transparent)
  • Data lacks the desirable degree of updates, as in the case of sales figures and employees associated with the companies in the sector.

Source: ASEDI, Multi-sectorial Information Association (Spain) is made up of sectors from the information industry and specifically by “re-users of information” also called “Infomediaries”.  Their companies are dedicated to collecting, processing and analyzing information from multiple public and private sources to create value-added products for other companies or the general public.

To read the full report click on this link