Welcome to the new BIIA website.   The new website is under beta test and we invite you to provide comments and suggestions.   Please note: Most recent information is still to be posted.  We need to ‘back load’ information from the archive (information from previous years must go in first in order to be last – when scrolling down – current items to be on top of the page).  We are now half way through to 2008 and hope to have the job completed by end of December).

When will the new site go live?   As soon as we have the data base fully loaded – tentative by beginning of January 2011

Why the change?   The current website platform is no longer adequate to be able to manage the ever increasing volume of available and relevant information effectively.   The old platform is too inflexible and maintenance has become very time consuming.

New functions:    The new platform allows us to post entries under multiple subjects, for example:  by company name, by information industry segment, by country, by member etc.   Postings in the industry library can be segmented by industry segments or key topics.   The menu item ‘Users of Information’ will be more visible and we will populate this section with articles of interest for users concerning risk condition and information availability in particular countries.

We will be able to handle RSS Feeds

Navigation:   Hopefully this will be much simpler than before and we look forward to receiving your input to be able to make further improvements

We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions

Best regards

Joachim C Bartels  Managing Director     ieijcb@attglobal.net  biiainfo@biia.com Jacky Hayworth-Wittwer  Data Maintenance  biiainfo@biia.com