In a recent testimony before the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Vickie Tillman, Executive Vice President of Standard & Poor’s Credit Ratings Services, detailed recent efforts by S&P to enhance its ratings process, increase transparency, and build confidence in credit ratings and the global capital markets.  S&P has conducted a comprehensive assessment of its analytics, policies and practices, and engaged in a dialogue with financial market experts, global market participants, regulators and legislators. As a result of these efforts, S&P is implementing several new enhancements to its ratings process and will continue to develop and introduce further measures as needed.  Ms. Tillman said S&P continues to take action and “welcomes further suggestions as to how we can enhance market confidence and continue our tradition of quality ratings that offer opinions on creditworthiness to the market.”   Source:  McGraw-Hill Press Release

BIIA Newsletter April – 2008 Issue