startupbootcamp 3Why does Startupbootcamp do what it does?

We believe entrepreneurship should lead the creation of new companies. We speak from experience – all the founders have been serial entrepreneurs and/or intrapreneurs ourselves. We feel there is a need to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs and help them do things better and faster than they can do on their own.

What does Startupbootcamp provide?

Startupbootcamp is a mentorship driven program; these mentors drive the startups acceleration over the 3 month program – and often for months or years afterwards. The Startupbootcamp founders team, together with their group of international mentors, can open the door to nearly every investor, customer or partner. The value is the quality of that network. Our mentors work closely with the startups to develop their product, validate their business model, get their first pilot customers and aim to get funding at the end of the accelerator program. Startupbootcamp facilitates this mentorship driven model by providing startups with the essential tools needed to have a concrete focus during the 3 month accelerator program. What are these essential tools? We provide €15,000 towards living expenses for the team during the program, 6 months co-working space, over €450,000 in sponsored services and the platform to pitch to over 400 investors at Investor Demo Day.

Worldwide Footprint

Startupbootcamp is now running in these cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Israel, Eindhoven, Istanbul and London.

About the Accelerator

Startupbootcamp FinTech is the leading accelerator focused on financial innovation, providing funding, mentorship, office space in the heart of London and access to a global network of investors and VCs, for up to 10 selected FinTech startups.

Over 3 months, the selected startups collaborate with 200+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class FinTech products, with the ultimate goal of becoming industry leading companies.

Startupbootcamp London is offering

  • Extensive mentorship from +200 entrepreneurs, investors, and partners
  • Access to top markets in Europe, US and APAC
  • 3+1 months free office space
  • €15K in cash per team
  • €450K+ in partner services
  • Exposure to 200+ Angels & VCs
  • Invitation to SBC global alumni network and growth program

In return we ask for 8% equity. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see.

Our Startups

We care passionately about our startups. They are part of the family, they are the future, the innovators, the game changers and tomorrow’s winners. Meet them here.

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