TV viewers may no longer be able to hear English abbreviations, like “NBA” (National Basketball Association), from mainland broadcasters.  China Central Television (CCTV) and Beijing Television (BTV) confirmed to China Daily on Tuesday that they had received a notice from a related government department, asking them to avoid using certain English abbreviations in Chinese programs.   Broadcasters and journalists have been asked to provide Chinese explanations for unavoidable English abbreviations in their programs, the report said.

The notice not only limits the use of English abbreviations in sports news, but also in economic and political news. Abbreviations such as “GDP” (gross domestic product), “WTO” (World Trade Organization) and “CPI” (consumer price index) will also be substituted with their Chinese pronunciations, it said.   The country’s top watchdog on television and radio, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, refused to comment.      Source: China Daily

BIIA Newsletter April II – 2010 Issue