The Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia will account for almost 90 per cent of growth in online ad spend in South East Asia in the next five years, research by Yahoo! has found.  The value of online advertising in the Philippines is expected to reach US$22.3 million this year as young and influential Philippinos increasingly look to the Internet for entertainment and to network with friends.

With a population dominated demographically with individuals of productive age with approximately 61 per cent of the population is between 15 and 64 and about evenly divided among males and females, the Philippines is a nation of early adapters, despite some daunting financial hurdles.  For example, 80 per cent of an estimated population of 98 million, equivalent to some 72 million individuals use mobile phones. The report is being seen as further evidence that the internet is rapidly becoming the most important communications channels to reaching certain segments of the population in Asia.   Source:

BIIA Newsletter June I – 2010 Issue