SugarCRM Inc. announced the general availability of the latest version of Sugar On-Demand. The Fall ’17 update marks the beginning of accelerated innovation and more frequent cloud releases from SugarCRM. Sugar On-Demand is increasing its release cadence to quarterly, bringing the company’s latest innovations to customers faster.

The Sugar Fall ’17 release is designed to help sales teams share data and work together more effectively so they can offer a better experience to their customers. Major updates include:

  • Shareable Dashboards — Dashboards, which are visual representations of real-time CRM data and insight for various modules like leads, opportunities and accounts, can now be easily shared. That helps keep everyone who works with a customer or is involved in an opportunity stay updated with the latest information. Sugar admins can set up default dashboards for different departments and groups, so they can distribute useful information to users and keep everyone on the same page faster than ever before.
  • Drill-Through Charts — One of the most frequently requested features from SugarCRM customers, drill-through charts help users better understand what’s behind the numbers, faster. Users can double-click on a chart segment to reveal further details without needing to create a separate report. This makes it easier to find anomalies and exceptions within the data.
  • New Email Module — Email within Sugar has been completely redesigned to provide a central view of all relevant email records. Emails are associated with accounts and contacts and can be organized by filtering, searching and tagging. The new module also serves as an email management solution for emails archived via various services.

“The ability to easily analyze data within the CRM will help our company more effectively drive decisions in order to remain customer-focused,” said Missy Brooks, CRM Administrator at Milsoft. “Sugar’s new drill-through charts feature in the latest release allows us to explore the details behind the numbers. We can actively monitor our sales pipeline and new opportunities, without needing to create a bunch of separate reports.”

Source: SugarCRM Press Release