SugarCRM tightens ties with TrustSphere to help companies act on customer email trends.

SugarCRM announced a strategic partnership with TrustSphere to integrate the vendor’s Relationship Analytics technology more tightly into the SugarCRM platform, with the goal of helping businesses boost sales, reduce churn rates, and speed up employee training processes. The signed agreement makes SugarCRM the chief reseller of TrustSphere’s offering, which has been developed specially for SugarCRM.

According to Dax Farhang, senior director of product marketing at SugarCRM, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics technology serves to augment the data companies routinely store in their CRM system—on contacts, accounts, and leads—with the activity and interaction patterns revealed through their network’s history of email interactions.

TrustSphere was the natural choice for making this all happen, as the company has made heavy investments in integrating its product with SugarCRM, Farhang says. “Our customer base, our sales organization, [and] our partners have all gravitated toward the TrustSphere technology,” Farhang says. “It went from being a top reference within our ecosystem to a standard [offering] that we wanted to include at every single customer engagement.”

The add-on is available for $20 per user a month and integrates with popular email systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Domino, and Gmail for Business. It tends to resonate with large, complex companies, whose sales cycles tend to be long, and involve multiple handoffs between departments.

About TrustSphere: TrustSphere is a widely recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics. We help organizations leverage their most valuable asset – the Collective Relationship Network. Our solutions enable forward thinking organizations unlock the inherent value of their own networks, using our proprietary Relationship Analytics platform. This rich set of analytics surface insights, which help our clients across the globe improve key business challenges including sales force effectiveness, enterprise-wide collaboration and corporate governance. We deliver our solutions through leading technology and business partners including IBM,, SugarCRM, etc.

Source: SugarCRM Press Release