TJX Companies announced a breach in data security.  Hackers broke into The TJX Cos. Inc.’s computer system, stealing customer credit card, debit card, checking and driver’s license information in a deep data breach that lasted from mid-May to December.  TJX owns T.J. Maxx stores in the USA, the UK and Ireland, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Bob’s Stores and HomeSense stores in Canada.  There is a possibility that sensitive consumer data of all store locations where impacted.  At this point the full extent of the damage to consumer is not fully known.  Ben Cammarata, Chairman and CEO stated:  “While there is much we still have yet to understand about this issue, I can assure you that we are taking steps to safeguard confidential information and working closely with law enforcement in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. so that those responsible for this act will be brought to justice.”   The Company does not yet have enough information to estimate the extent of the financial cost it will incur as a result of this situation, and does not expect to be able to quantify the estimated financial impact of this issue at the time TJX announces January 2007 sales.  Source: Company Web site

BIIA Newsletter February – 2007 Issue