Streamline data definition, data location, and AI-driven analytics for your organization

WAND Taxonomies have recently been approved as a validated add-on for IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Instead of creating a business glossary from scratch, IBM Cloud Pak for Data users can now import a WAND Taxonomy and begin editing and customizing the glossary in minutes. Once a business glossary is defined, IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be used to catalog and label data with the glossary terms which supports downstream automation and analytics.

In addition, WAND will be announcing our first set of prebuilt business glossaries in 2020 starting with HR, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Customer Service, and Personal & Private Info (PPI). Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft Makes a Big Bet on Metadata and Taxonomy to Drive Search and Knowledge Management Capabilities in Office 365

WAND Taxonomies will help organizations quickly take advantage of a powerful set of new content and knowledge management capabilities in O365

Read WAND’s latest LinkedIn article to learn six things you need to know about Microsoft’s newest product, code-named ‘Project Cortex‘ and find out why 2020 is the year that your organization can absolutely crush it with search and knowledge management.  This game-changing service uses Microsoft Graph and AI to auto-tag content across the O365 ecosystem with human-guided curation and teaching playing a pivotal role. Microsoft’s major investment in new metadata driven capabilities will drive significant return for a taxonomy investment.

With Project Cortex arriving in the first half of 2020, now is the time to build a taxonomy for your organization. WAND Taxonomies and Enterprise Taxonomy Services can drive both quick-wins and long-term benefits for your organization.

WAND Offers Taxonomies for Nearly Every Industry and Business Function

WAND introduced multiple updates to the IT taxonomy and Legal taxonomies with new taxonomies for Cannabis and Lumber Manufacturing & Forestry Management in 2019. See our blog for details or checkout our full catalog of taxonomies.