TechMedia Network Inc. (TMN) announced that is has acquired BuyerZone from Reed Business Information.  No transaction details where disclosed.

TMN is a digital tech and science publisher with proprieties like, TopTenReviews and LAPTOP.  BuyerZone is an SMB purchasing and lead-generation platform with more than one million registered buyers and over 8,500 sellers on network.

Lead generation was a top priority for TMN, and although its sites were organically surfacing leads, the company wanted to do more.  Rather than developing its own platform in house, TMN developed a partnership with BuyerZone in June 2013; and COO, Doug Llewellyn, suggests the merger seemed like a logical next step soon into the collaboration. “Strategically BuyerZone fit much more cleanly with TechMedia Network than it did with Reed,” he says. “Buyerzone’s business model is 100-percent in sync with ours.”

Llewellyn also says the company is molding its other properties around a similar theme-helping buyers make decisions.  For now, the company intends on keeping BuyerZone as a “self-contained operation.”   The platform is “partner friendly,” which could lead to synergies in the future.

TMN is projecting to grow by 20 percent in 2014.  The company anticipates that BuyerZone will account for roughly 20-25 percent of its overall revenue.