TEMIS and MarkLogic Corporation announced they are extending their partnership to deliver world-class content enrichment over unstructured Big Data.  With new, enhanced integration capabilities, TEMIS’ Luxid® and MarkLogic® Server can now help organizations do more with their content.

MarkLogic® Server is the only enterprise NoSQL database designed for building reliable, scalable and secure search, analytics and information applications quickly and easily.  The platform includes tools for fast application development, powerful analytics and visualization widgets for greater insight, and the ability to create user-defined functions for fast and flexible analysis of huge volumes of data.

TEMIS’ flagship Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, recipient of the SIIA’s 2013 Codie Award for Best Semantic Technology Platform, is based on patented natural language processing technology that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text, such as entities, relationships, topics and categories to enrich content with domain-specific metadata. Luxid® helps organizations to efficiently structure their unstructured information assets, to package and deliver targeted, relevant information to their stakeholders, and to enable the analysis, discovery and sharing of actionable insights to optimize their business.

TEMIS’ Luxid® and MarkLogic® Server count many joint customer implementations. Their integration delivers seamless semantic enrichment of data stored in the enterprise NoSQL database with the Luxid® domain-specific and multilingual annotation process. This enables organizations to build powerful Big Data applications, combining content semantics with real-time database agility to make massive volumes of unstructured content easier to exploit.

About MarkLogic Corporation: For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful and trusted next-generation enterprise NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic’s enterprise-grade technology to make better decisions faster.

About:   TEMIS helps organizations structure, manage and exploit their unstructured information assets. Its flagship platform, Luxid®, identifies and extracts targeted information to semantically enrich content with domain-specific metadata. This helps organizations to intelligently archive, manage, package, deliver, access and analyze increasing volumes of information.

Source:  Prnewswire.com