Outsell has recently published its report on the Asia-Pacific market for Legal, Tax & Regulatory Publishing.  The Legal, Tax & Regulatory (LTR) segment of the information industry faces particular challenges in Asian markets (or all international markets, for that matter) because of the inherently country-specific nature of legal systems in each country. Some information types, such as business information or scientific and technical information, have widespread appeal across international borders. Legal information markets, by contrast, are largely dominated by local needs for information about each country’s specific legal and regulatory systems.  Recent economic growth in the region has created two conditions that have laid the groundwork for a growing legal information market. First, the explosive growth of cross-border acquisitions and transactions of all kinds have increased the need for internationally-oriented legal and tax information and advice. Second, economic growth and the increasing integration of Asian economies with the rest of the word has entailed an increased focus on modernizing domestic legal systems, and has fostered growth in the numbers of professionals who work in law-related fields.

Against that general background of opportunity, however, many question marks remain: Where is the greatest opportunity? What mix of content, software, and services is most needed in each part of the region? How quickly are legal professionals switching from print to online delivery of information in the region? Which growth strategies are likely to work in each specific country in the region?  This research addresses those questions and provides an estimate of the total size of the LTR market in the region, with a breakdown by major countries.  Source: Outsellinc.com

BIIA Newsletter June II – Issue