The Tech recruitment experts at North Starr have compared 2018 pay rates across the UK IT Security marketplace across different categories and the results might surprise you.  

The review  looks at salary levels  paid in the Information Security marketplace in 2017 compared to 2018 and average technology salary in the UK is  presently over £80k.

The results are summarized in the table below: 

The variances differ over the different jobs and most have had small to medium salary percentage increases year on year. And of course many jobs vary because of the size of the business, maturity of the security function and the size of the team being managed or working with.

Technical roles like SOC (Systems on a Chip) Engineers with average annual salaries between £35k and £50k have risen around 1.3% and because the average is around £45k these people are more likely to move jobs for more money.

Whereas Application Security Specialists have salaries between £85k and £110k and have seen rises of 3.4% and are more likely to remain in their current employment.

Leadership jobs like the Head of Information Security are on average between £70k and £90k and have gone up by about 1.4%. And Chief Information Security Officers who on average get paid between £100k and £180k have had increases of around 1.2%.  

There is still a growing skills gap in the UK with a general lack of basic digital and IT skills in most companies.

Source: Cyber Security Intelligence