Situation: Any kind of harassment has economic implications and for the most basic of reasons. It seems next to impossible that modern business would not have grasped a basic truth by now.  After all it is mentioned in every motivational seminar and is in every management book that has ever been written. Employees are not productive if they are facing harassment and discrimination and any other factor that prevents them from doing the tasks they have been assigned. A workplace that is hostile and uncomfortable for its employees is one that is doomed to consistent and pervasive failure. Much has been written of late regarding the slide in overall productivity in the US and it has been puzzling given the expansion of technology.

Analysis: Perhaps the issue of productivity is explained by the pervasive atmosphere of harassment and prejudice that still exists. Harassment is corrosive as those who are doing the harassment are very unlikely to promote or even take seriously those they are harassing and those who are the victims of this behavior are very unlikely to want to work there or to pursue more responsibility if they have to go through that gauntlet. The bullying behavior compromises the success of the whole organization and affects every single person in it. This makes it everybody’s responsibility to find a way to stop the behavior – not just for moral and societal reasons but for very real economic motivations.

Source: Courtesy of Dr. Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence and a Contributing Editor of BIIA