The following are key themes from a presentation given by BIIA Chairman David Worlock in March 2012:  What did “Publisher” really mean? … and “Business Information Services and Solutions”?

  • There is revolution at every turn and evolution on every straight stretch:
    • Big Data – taking the analytics to the content
    • Open Data – even government is getting involved
    • Start‐up economy is vibrant
    • Major advances in analytics, extraction and data‐mining
  • Welcome to the Networked Society with profound changes in relationships
  • The Attention Economy – Attention is the scarcest commodity in the network.  Obtaining and exploiting user attention is thus the highest value:
    • Ready for Change?  ABOVE ALL – do you really understand how users behave and what they need (not what they tell you they need!)
    • Do we know what customers really need?  Market pressure on cost, quality and pricing places focus on productivity (save time, resources and people), decision making and compliance and all in real time!
  • Where is technology going? 
  • A Post-Modern Manifesto for Publishing (and business information services)
    • There will be a diminishing emphasis on content, its ownership and proprietary nature
    • The asset will become the understanding of customer needs, and turning that into trust and authority by virtue of satisfying those needs with solutions that satisfied my mantra: productivity gain, decision‐making enhancement, and compliance management
  • Is this a trend or torrent?
    • Worlock quotes recent observations of BIIA of company announcements:  36% involved analytics, decision systems, fraud prevention services, workflow tools and only 20% involved b2b content.

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