This is an update of the Global 5000 database activities during through the third quarter of 2020 courtesy of Harry Henry, Founder.

During the quarter, over 2,030 company records and profiles were updated. 62 companies were replaced bringing the total for year to 185 different companies this year. Based on the ongoing impact of COVID-19, a lot more volatility is a sure bet. Each month I post updates of activity during the month.  You can follow them here like this example for September.

The pandemic is (and will continue to) forcing some major shifts among the Global 5000 companies with many more being replaced. We are looking at companies in retail, energy, consumer (think Disney), commercial real estate and travel related industries. Revenue will be significantly lower when 2020 is finally tallied. Revenue growth from 2018 to 2019 for the Global 5000 companies was only 1.6%.Additionally, the current IPO wave is also driving some smaller players (that would ordinarily be too small) to combine and go public. Financial backers are bringing some of those together and they will be large enough to break into the Global 5000 which will cause more change.

Then there are natural evolutionary changes in markets – the rise of Tesla and the future wave of driverless vehicles and resulting pressure on traditional auto manufacturers are the type of normal business cycles that will shift the fortunes of Global 5000 companies.
In the energy segment, the supply levels are high, prices are low, people are driving less and climate change concerns are finally being heard and warnings heeded. Total revenue for this industry have fallen quite a bit. After the financial industry, oil & gas is the next largest (in terms of revenue) in the world. The past few months, we have seen a number of Chapter 11 filings and many of those will be dropping out of the Global 5000.

And then there was the Shell announcement indicating they were undertaking major cost reductions and plans to reconstruct their business preparing to focus more on renewable energy. We think this is a significant move and potentially signals the shift of an entire major, global industry – we wrote this analysis of the announcement and implications.   This continuing trail of events means that our database (and yours) must be continually updated – something that does not always happen within a corporate CRM system.
Thank you for your interest in the Global 5000 database and for your continued support. We appreciate you feedback and input on the database projects.

About:  The Global 5000 is a database of the 5000 largest companies in the world based on revenue generated.  The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries. We go beyond existing published lists and rankings. There are 5,000 active, updated companies in the database.  We include companies from all countries — from the 2,088 companies in the US to 1 from Belarus for example. To date, we have tracked 4,627 companies in the world with $1 billion + annually and we continue to search for more … expecting to reach 5000 at this billion $$ level.

We have structured the industries they participate in with 2 levels of 22 industries that line up with NAICS codes and a deeper layer of segments. The main use of this data set is for B2B database marketers striving to make sure they are marketing to and focused on high end account penetration. Knowing the 5000 largest companies in the world are covered is key to this strategy.  Revenues for the companies are all converted to USD based on interbank currency conversion tables for the average of the fiscal year reported.  Companies will have a variety of year end periods with the most common being December. For FY ending in Jan thru May, we count them as revenue in the previous year.

The Global 5000 is an independent effort created by Harry Henry. You can view his profile here – Questions? — contact us at You can see sample sites/records here – Global 5000 sample records 2018.

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