The number of deals announced involving ‘Identity’ solutions now exceeds those of ‘AI/Analytics’ solutions.

When sophisticated analytics came to the forefront of risk assessment, BIIA has noticed that in the rush to ramp up capabilities, information companies were using acquisitions and partnerships over internal development as a fast track route to acquire such new capabilities or skills.

Thus when AI joined the fray AI/Analytics (artificial intelligence, analytics, decision systems, credit scoring, machine learning and platforms) became the ‘hottest’ service category to watch.  In the past it used to be mainly acquiring data bases and new markets as a route to faster growth.

Based on BIIA’s latest analysis of company announcements of acquisitions, partnerships, internal product development and international expansion,  “Identity’ has now taken the lead over AI/Analytics solutions.

BIIA defines ‘Identity’ solutions to include authentication & identification, onboarding, AML and KYC compliance solutions.  Total deals announced on “Identity’ were 58:  Acquired 10, partnerships 28, product development 16 and international expansion 4.  Total deals announced for AI/Analytics were 53:  Acquired 12, partnerships 16, product development 23 and international expansion 2.

Background: BIIA published during the past twelve months approximately 1,060 (900)) announcements of which 53 (41) were about acquisitions, 78 (69) involved partnerships, 82 (67) internal product development and 15 (37) involved international development. Figures in brackets are from 2017. BIIA’s analysis represents a sample of market activities. It has to be recognized that BIIA may not capture all transactions, which are in the public domain.

Many of BIIA members are in the ‘Identity’ business either directly or indirectly.  Given this important development BIIA has given ‘Identity’ a top slot in its BIIA 2019 Biennial conference.  One of the largest global networking event for business and credit information professionals. 

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