In the face of the economic downturn, Bloomberg’s signature Wall Street business is down and prospects for the kind of sustained growth the company has experienced in its 29 years are fading away. Bloomberg executives have seen the writing on the wall and have begun to channel the company’s considerable resources toward finding new markets. Recently Bloomberg has, through acquisitions and through its own product development processes, pushed further into the news business; re-started and re-engineered a push to capture more of the legal market; begun an ambitious new venture in government information; and is said to be building a new bond rating service. This report attempts to make sense of the various moves, evaluates their likelihood of success, and plots out the competitive implications for the existing players that lie in Bloomberg’s path.

The Outsell report includes:

  • A chronology of Bloomberg’s strategic announcements and transactions;
  • Analysis of prospects, outlook, and lessons learned in the financial information, news & multimedia, legal, and government information markets;
  • A look at Bloomberg’s challenges and strengths, and next steps;
  • Essential actions for Bloomberg watchers.

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BIIA Newsletter November I – 2010 Issue