Credinform Composit PictureFor the past two years Credinform Russia has consistently contributed to the popularization of risk management education in Russia.   

Methodology of financial analysis preventing insolvency risks, modern perspectives of Russian and foreign counterparties’ identity and solvency check are the most popular current topics by attendees of training programs where Credinform takes a part.  It’s crucial to learn how to check existing and potential customers and/or suppliers and mitigate/prevent related risks, how to analyze business activity of counterparties, uncover fraudulent companies and be aware of potential bankruptcy signs.

The State Economic University, Russian Academy of Macroeconomics, Learning Centre by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in St. Petersburg offers advanced training for professionals and entrepreneurs became partners of Credinform in this field.  High schools from the South of Russia and Ural region are also interested in joint programs and work-shops for their students and post-graduates.

Besides general information on risk management and economic security, practical case studies are discussed relying on company information from the Information and Analytical System Globas-i®.  Globas-i® (which focuses on all Russian companies and individual entrepreneurs) is a multi-purpose on-line service used successfully by many credit and business professionals:

Marketing, sales and procurement managers can generate new leads, analyze a target industry,  perform competitive environment research, conduct SWOT-analysis; analyze government contracts/procurement/tenders, forecast development trends;

Credit risk analysts, accountants, auditors, bank officers find information and tools needed to perform the analysis of financial and economic activity of their partners and customers, particularly, financial statements, P/L and annual turnover figures, key financial indicators and their dynamics, stock exchange information;

Lawyers can search not only the Arbitration courts and the Federal Bailiff Service’s databases but also learn the counterparties’ ability to meet their obligations in the event of potential bankruptcy.

To promote the on-line system, particularly its content and analytical tools as well as Russian and International company reporting (fresh investigations), Credinform offers twice a month free webinars Credinform 300 we-find-solutionperformed by its analysts on different topics.

Source: Credinform Russia