flag of Russia A.300jpgBIIA member Credinform Russia provided the following review of the Russian b2b information market.

For the Russian economy, just like in any market driven economy, the availability of reliable, accurate and timely information is a critical element in risk prediction and economic growth.  Especially for Russia this a highly relevant topic given the current economic volatility and competitiveness

In May of 2012 the President of the Russian Federation formulated a plan to provide access via Internet to all public data sources.  By July 2013 over 1,000 public data sources had become available.  Over time more and more public data sources became available currently accounting for approximately 5,000 data sources.  In spite of this progress Russia still ranks 33th amongst 60 countries rated by the Open Knowledge Foundation in terms of unencumbered access to public data.  The US and the UK are considered pioneers in the sphere of open data and thus rank tops.

Credinform lists some trends in development of the information services market in Russia:

  • Growing interest to information services shown by the business community
  • Market for information technologies and resources has shown solid growth
  • High degree of market concentration
  • Constant improvement of quality and complementing of services range
  • Growing demand for XML-service
  • Government is actively involved in information support of businesses. For example the State program «Electronic Russia» has been implemented as well as regional & international projects for information support for entrepreneurs.

The following b2b services are quite popular in Russia:

  1. Management & tax consulting
  2. Legal advise and accounting services
  3. Website development and promotion
  4. Software development
  5. Advertising
  6. Market research
  7. HR research

When the Russian b2b information market opened there was only raw data. Today the market of business information is rather diverse with many providers offering different kind of databased services: on-line systems for company data processing and analysis (similar to what Credinform offers), ERP-systems, management consulting, consulting systems of legal documentation etc.

The segment of B2B information services makes up one-third of the common IT-market and is estimated to be approximately EUR 3.6 billion.  Providers of company data, services in the field of company database processing and analysis, in particular, generate over EUR 36 million in annual revenues (1% of the total market).

Company reports and services relating to company data processing and analysis are in high demand by wholesalers & retailers (ca. 1/3 market), real estate developers, insurers, construction, transportation and telecommunication companies, food & drink manufacturers.  Users of information services have a wide network of counterparties – customers, suppliers, business partners – seeking to enter new markets.

To be successful in the Russian market of b2b information a competent supplier should meet the following requirements:

  1. Competitive price / quality ratio
  2. Providing product support: prompt feedback, technical support
  3. Being able to offer a diverse product range
  4. Reputation as a reliable supplier
  5. Qualified staff – ongoing training
  6. Strong customer relationships

More and more data providers strive to win customers by offering value added services with user-friendly interface, analytical content & tailored flexible decisions.

Source:  Credinform Russia

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