CNN Opines that the Women of Alibaba put Silicon Valley to Shame

The worst kept secret in Silicon Valley is that tech firms have a major gender diversity problem.  At company after company, men dominate the top jobs.  It’s a different story at Alibaba who gave investors more details about how the company works this week, revealing for the first time that one third of its 27 partners are women.  Some are founding partners, others have joined since and occupy top operational positions.

Alibaba-women-620xaThe company’s chief financial officer is a woman. Chief customer officer? Chief people officer?  The COO of its logistics business? Yes, all women.  Putting women in key roles runs deep in the company’s DNA. Three of the nine female partners have been with the company since it was founded in 1999; another three joined the following year.  Women make up the same proportion of the broader workforce in China as in the U.S., but the number of women in top jobs at Alibaba is enough to make Silicon Valley blush.