Do companies use market intelligence effectively?

A survey by Global Market Intelligence of 1,200 respondents from 64 countries revealed:

  • Global companies spend $2.1 million on market intelligence projects and services a year on average
  • Just 60% tightly integrate market intelligence with decision making
  • Since 2011, global market intelligence teams have been cut by 1 person to just 12 people
  • While internal networks of intelligence contributors have grown by 15%

The 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey shows that 11% of teams are World Class, and these teams:

  • Are 28% more efficient in decision making
  • Serve 50% more clients by using efficient tools
  • Are 33% more likely to be seen as trusted strategic advisors
  • Serve 50% more likely to run strategy workshops for top executives

How does your company’s market intelligence compare?  You can download “The state of Market Intelligence in 2013: Global MI Survey findings” white paper to benchmark your team!

The 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey presents the latest state of market intelligence in global organizations. What are the key success factors and evolving trends in World Class Market Intelligence? What is the optimal number of people and can companies measure ROI on market intelligence? How do various industries or business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies conduct market intelligence differently?

Source: Global Market Intelligence