Transparency iStock_000026046602MediumGlobal Intelligence Alliance (GIA) has published the results of its Global Market Intelligence Survey 2013 which is the sixth in a series of studies conducted by GIA since 2006 on how companies around the world conduct market intelligence, and how leading companies use market intelligence for better decision making. According to GIA it is the largest and arguably the most authoritative study on market intelligence in the world.

This paper presents the state of market intelligence in global organizations in 2013, the key success factors and evolving trends in World Class Market Intelligence. The report also highlights some differences between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies in the way they conduct market intelligence.

Competitive advantage in a globalized marketplace can be gained or lost by how well a company conducts market intelligence. The findings in this paper are crucial for any company that wishes to benchmark its market intelligence capabilities against its peers and competitors around the world, in order to stay ahead of the curve, in the face of increasing competitive pressures.

The 2013 Global Market Intelligence Survey measures the state of market intelligence in over 880 companies from 21 separate industries and 64 different countries. Over 1,200 decision makers and market intelligence managers responded to the survey, making it the largest study on market intelligence to date.

Key findings:

  • Companies with World Class Market Intelligence functions are expanding their teams and operate with both centralized (in-house) and outsourced services to better serve needs throughout their organizations.
  • Market intelligence teams in B2B companies are closer to their top management, and operate with 20% of the budgets that B2C companies enjoy.
  • Industry comparisons show that large budgets are no guarantee for more advanced market intelligence functions or higher ROI

To download the full report click on this link:  GIA White Paper_Global-Market-Intelligence-Survey-2013

Source:  Global Intelligence Alliance