David Curle, Director and Lead Analyst of Outsell Inc. has recently discussed the implications of the Virtual Law Practice which offers limited legal self-help and documentation assembly for the consumer and business market.  To read his full assessment click on the attachment:  2012-11-18 Outsell Insights for November 14

Editorial Comments: The concept of the Virtual Professional Practice does not have to be limited to the practice of Law.   A new generation of consumers is inclined to turn to the Web to solve legal problems, just as it turns there to do preliminary self-diagnosis of medical conditions or research mortgage rates for refinancing.  As in any service business, even transactions that require a one-on-one consultation can be automated to some extent, and parts or all of many service components can be moved online. It’s hard to imagine a future law practice that will rely fully on in-person consultations without some online engagement between legal adviser and client.

The concept of the virtual professional can be extended to marketing, credit management and many other professional fields.  Perhaps this association in cooperation with its members should work on the concept of The Virtual Information Professional.