Thomson Reuters’ Legal business has acquired Serengeti Law, a matter-management system for corporate law departments.  The acquisition is one sign of an ongoing shift in the balance of power between corporations and the law firms they hire – and technology is tipping the scales, writes Outsell ‘s David Curle Director & Lead Analyst in his latest Outsell Insight.

Serengeti Law provides matter-management software to corporate legal departments.  Serengeti and its 50 employees will become part of TLR’s Corporate, Government & Academic business unit.  Serengeti’s software helps General Counsel (GC) at in-house legal departments to manage their relationships with outside counsel.  Its Serengeti Tracker offering, ties legal departments directly to law firm billing systems, and adds data and analytic tools to enable legal departments to track, control, manage, analyze and report on legal activities worldwide. Serengeti is primarily used by large and middle-market firms. Its offering is a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so installation and maintenance costs are minimal.    Source:  Outsell Inc.

BIIA Newsletter November II – 2010 Issue