thomsonreuters 300Thomson Reuters announced that it has signed an agreement with FiscalNote, a provider of legislative and regulatory analytics and insight.

The agreement supplies predictive legislative analytics to Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence (TRRI), a global solution that provides clients a focused view allowing them to manage regulatory risk with confidence.

Under the agreement, FiscalNote will provide TRRI users with insight on the likelihood and factors important to a piece of legislation’s passage with a high degree of accuracy. FiscalNote leverages machine learning and natural language processing to create models providing cutting-edge analysis on open government data. These models allow FiscalNote to automatically analyze how legislation is going to fare by examining and understanding the importance of various factors such as legislators, committee assignments, actions taken, bill versions and amendments.

All TRRI clients with access to North American content will automatically be able to utilize the FiscalNote implementation.

“We are delighted to be partnering with FiscalNote to add predictive insight and tracking of U.S. legislation to Thomson Reuters Regulator Intelligence,” said Marion Leslie, managing director, Pricing, Reference & Regulatory Services at Thomson Reuters. “We have seen how a single piece of legislation can drastically affect how and with whom companies can do business so it’s important to stay ahead of the outcomes in Washington D.C. Our goal is to deliver solutions that help our customers better manage the increasing amount of regulation required to conduct global business. This new capability enables our customers to better manage regulatory risk with confidence.”

“With Thomson Reuters we have a strong industry leader who will utilize our solution to serve its customer base,” said Tim Hwang, CEO of FiscalNote. “Thomson Reuters shares our vision in recognizing the importance legislation plays in shaping the risk and compliance space.”