Thomson Reuters Builds Out its Award-Winning Connected Risk Platform with Risk Management Solution Providing a Personalized Enterprise-Wide View of Risk.  Manages disruption and embraces risk through a flexible risk management solution configured to a firm’s specific methodology and business strategy

Demonstrating its commitment to deliver a comprehensive suite of next-generation integrated risk solutions to assist the global financial and corporate communities, Thomson Reuters has further expanded its Connected Risk platform to include a commercialized Risk Management (RM) solution to help new customers develop more holistic, effective risk management programs aligned with their risk methodology and business strategy.

Financial services and corporate sectors today remain challenged with finding a solution that encompasses an enterprise-wide view of risk management, instead of accepting a solution that only addresses a subset of enterprise risk management (ERM), such as operational risk, regulatory risk, legal risk, tax risk, settlement risk, model risk, and other non-financial risks. Thomson Reuters Risk Management, the latest solution on the Connected Risk platform, assembles all these forms of risk to deliver a holistic ERM view that delivers the connectivity and insights necessary for better informed decisions that are aligned with agreed-upon business and risk strategy.

Thomson Reuters Risk Management provides a holistic approach to risk management, enabling teams to track various forms of risk across their organization, using a single solution that fosters better-informed decision making and optimizes risk management to deliver a competitive advantage. The Risk Management solution works around individual organizational needs and is highly configurable, molding itself to meet specific requirements. A flexible assessment engine uses dynamic building blocks that take into account the unique methodology of each individual customer and powerful data mapping capabilities to draw on many sources of data when completing the assessment. A full history of a customer’s risk profile is tracked and is reportable through an integrated reporting engine. For more information on Thomson Reuters Risk Management, please visit:

Thomson Reuters formally launched the Connected Risk platform in Q1 2017. Connected Risk allows customers and partners to tailor an array of solutions to meet both the varied and collective needs of the risk community. Deployment can be accelerated through use of configurable out-of-the-box solutions that Thomson Reuters has developed in conjunction with customers and advisory firms for the most popular risk use cases. Solutions released recently include Model Risk Management, which helps institutions to demonstrate a real-time understanding of their model risk landscape, and Audit Management, which enables firms to better assess risks and increase the efficiency of the auditing process. Other solutions include the 2017 SIIA CODiE Awardwinning Regulatory Change Management (RCM) which informs and manages regulatory change processes and is integrated with our Regulatory Intelligence feed. For more information on Connected Risk, please visit:

Source: Thomson Reuters