thomsonreuters 300Institute to Serve as Legal Industry Resource Hub; Baxter serving as chairman

Thomson Reuters has created a comprehensive resource for legal leaders and industry professionals: the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute. The Legal Executive Institute provides legal news, expert views, analytics, benchmark reports and industry-leading events to inform those who lead and manage the delivery of legal services.

The Legal Executive Institute features coverage from numerous events hosted by Thomson Reuters in the legal space, such as the Marketing Partner Forum, Law Firm COO & CFO Forum and Law Firm Leaders Forum. Plus, industry leaders share their expertise, insights and trend discussions through blogs, whitepapers, interviews and benchmarking data, including analysis of Peer Monitor law firm market data and reports., a new thought leadership platform, will be the primary online hub for analytical outputs, conversations and related content.

Leveraging 40 years in practice, with 23 years leading and managing a large law firm, Ralph Baxter serves as chairman of the Legal Executive Institute. Baxter brings immeasurable experience and industry relationships that connect hard-won expertise and successes with strategies to help inform and inspire legal professionals.

According to Baxter, the Legal Executive Institute will incorporate data, information and opinions pertaining to the entire legal ecosystem from law firm leaders, legal departments, regulators, educators and more. “Law is more important today than ever before,” Baxter said. “At the same time, the way legal service is delivered is changing faster than ever, as technology and other developments enable better and more efficient processes. Thomson Reuters seeks to build on its deep involvement in legal content and infrastructure to assist all participants in finding the optimal path in meeting the world’s demand for legal service and navigating the changes that are underway.”

Source: Thomson Reuters